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Forest workout - Outdoor training using your own body weight

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Outdoor training session with the certified exercise coach Monj Quercioli.

With this special outdoor training session we transport the gym outdoors. The Partschins forests offer countless opportunities to burn off physical energy and, in the process, manage completely without a crosstrainer or running machine. Be it strength exercises using your own body weight, balancing acts on tree trunks, pull-ups on a strong branch - everything that you could need for efficient training is already there: nature, the weight of your own body and the right exercises. The latter are clearly explained and demonstrated by our expert. Between lunges, squats, press-ups and crunches, your desire to exercise will be stimulated and the effect of the forest will become clear: your lungs fill with fresh oxygen, your metabolism and fat burning will get into gear and stress hormones will dissipate. Alongside the physical strengthening, a workout in the forest also constantly provides new stimuli: aromatic forest air, different ground conditions, many, sometimes unknown sounds of nature, all of which sharpen your perception, promote balance and train the senses.

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