“Ëur“ - Exhibition Egon Digon

Organizer: Vijion Art Gallery
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The Vijion Art Gallery in Ortisei/Dolomites is delighted to announce the opening of the exhibition of Egon Digon

Egon Digon, born in 1964, learned the profession of a sculptor in his father's workshop. After that he works as a self-taught, in search of his own personal form of expression. He elaborate the wood in a way it resembles as soft as foam rubber. In his work he breaks the solidity of the rigid material and transform it into a fluid mass like a plastic in movement. Essentially, Egon Digon starts from geometries, which he distorts in different positions, intervening on the straight and regular lines. It is a treatment that has symbolical meanings to signalize our time and that we are increasingly canalized into systems from which the artist desire to escape.

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Artist: Egon Digon
Curator: Kostner Valentine


Künstler/in anwesend
Startdatum: 16.10.2020
Uhrzeit: 20:30


Introduction - Vernissage: Egon Digon
Künstler/in anwesend
Mit Vernissage
Welcome - Opening day: Kostner Valentine

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