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About archeoParc Val Senales

How people lived in the mountains 5300 years ago?

The Archeoparc in the Schnals (Senales) Valley opened in 2001 as an archaeological activity museum with a open-air exhibition area of 4,000 square meters (43,000 sq. ft.) Experiencing and understanding prehistory through seeing and touching up close are at the forefront in this structure. In the permanent exhibition, pictures, reconstructions of clothing and equipment, films, dioramas, and a 3-D multimedia show depict the living space and way of life of the “Iceman” 5,300 years ago. The unusual building is modeled on the types of dwellings of the Copper Age in construction, form, and materials and follows the fictitious ascent of the “Iceman” through the Tisen Valley to the Tisenjoch, where he was discovered in 1991. In the open-air exhibition areas, visitors can enter smoky wooden houses with open hearths and experience the activities carried out by the people of that era. In the three replicas of the Copper Age huts, visitors can also actively participate by baking bread, shooting bows and arrows, making pottery, or melting copper. Experimental fields with grain, legumes, flax, vegetables, wild herbs and plants, coppices, and a fish pond provide the basic materials for a life like that of five thousand years ago.

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