Agricultural Museum - Brunnenburg Castle

   Dorf Tirol / Tirolo • Ezra Pound Weg 3

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About Agricultural Museum - Brunnenburg Castle

The historic Brunnenburg castle is since 1974 an agricultural museum.

The 13th cen. Brunnenburg Castle was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt throughout the course of history. It was the residence of the famous American poet Ezra Pound from 1958, and from 1962 until his death in 1972, he was registered as a citizen of Tirol. It was here that he composed the last 6 of his 116 "Cantos". The Agricultural Museum was founded in 1974, encompassing ethnology, folklore, and folk art. The various processes involved in agricultural and handicraft work are displayed through photographic and video documentation. Tel. +39 339 180 3086