TOGETHER. Interact – Interplay – Interfere

Organizer: Kunst Meran
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After more than two years of the pandemic and social distancing, Kunst Meran returns to celebrate and critically investigate togetherness.

The exhibition explores the divergent ways in which community is expressed through art. On the one hand it brings together works that show that we can go beyond our individual selves and achieve significant aims as a group, while on the other addressing the tendency of groups to suppress diversity and individuality.

During the exhibition the audience is invited to leave its comfort zone and take an active role, experiencing community in a direct way. These interactive formats of the exhibition, some of them participatory, are divided into three categories:

Interact – stands for collective actions as well as a series of community projects realised on site, such as the creation of a community garden on the terrace of the Kunsthaus.

Interplay – stands for works in which visitors can playfully interact with each other.

Interfere – stands for art that appeals to the political and social commitment, empathy and sense of responsibility of visitors.

The exhibition TOGETHER is in keeping with KUNST MERAN’s aim of finding ways of experiencing art less through passive viewing and more through active and self-determined participation.


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Artist: Adrian Piper, Anna Maria Maiolino, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Bart Heynen, Brave New Alps and MAGARI, Christian Niccoli, Daniel Spoerri, Francis Alÿs, Franz Erhard Walther, Hannes Egger, Isabell Kamp, Jivan Frenster, Karin Schmuck, Marina Abramović and Ulay, me
Curator: Jufith Waldmann

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