The plague procession

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The plague procession takes place every year on the day after Ascension Day in the greatest silence and before daybreak. In the early morning hours, one meets in front of the church in Kastelruth. Already at 03.30am the big church bell rings and "calls" the inhabitants to the Kastelruth village square, where then at 04.00am the procession starts. History: The plague procession has its origins in the distant years 1636/37, when the last great epidemic claimed many victims also in the area below the Sciliar. Since then, in order to avoid a recurrence, every year the population goes from the village to St. Michael's, Tiosels and St. Valentine's and back to the big parish church of Kastelruth, praying and asking for help. Incidentally, along the path on which the procession moves, candles are lit in the windows - probably in memory of the time of the sinister plague, when a burning candle in the window signaled to the outside world that someone was still alive in that house.

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