Temporary exhibition - Mountain Connections - Journey from War to Tourism

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In occasion of the Museum Year 2021, which had the motto "Museum moves", a dedicated space was created in the Nature Park House for this exhibition. The exhibition is dedicated to the development of railways and cableways in the Alto Adige region. Military events promote technological innovation. The exhibition explores the development of transport technology in the Alps and shows how the transport network developed during the First World War and how war infrastructures were later adapted to the needs of tourism. Through placing seven wooden panels made from trees damaged by Storm Vaia in 2018, it is possible to discover how railways and chairlifts transformed wartime infrastructure into civilian connections. The historic Tyrol invested these infrastructures and relied on the beauty of the landscapes - albeit scarred by war - to pave the way for tourism. Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 09.30 - 12.30 & 14.30 - 18.00 hrs. Free admission Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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