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Organizer: Artspace Eccel Kreuzer
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First exhibition of the Artspace Eccel Kreuzer

To honour the 100th anniversary of Karl Plattner (1919–1986), the most
important South Tyrolean painter of the post-war period, we dedicate the
first exhibition in the new rooms of the Artspace Eccel Kreuzer to a
side of the artist largely unknown to the public. Two years after the
death of Karl Plattner, an extensive and surprising series of black and
white photographs were found in his estate. These images show landscapes
of the upper Venosta Valley, the Oltradige and from the village Fiè.
Plattner worked with a medium format camera of 6 x 6 cm. The photographs
have been taken mostly in the wintertime, when the bare landscapes
reveal their geometric structures. This showcases and suited the
analytical eye of the artist. The photographs served as a basis for his
work as a painter. Within many of his works one can recognise details of
the photographs.

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Curator: Sabine Gamper


Introduction - Vernissage: Sabine Gamper, Gunther Waibl & Othmar Seehause
Mit Vernissage
Startdatum: 21.11.2019
Uhrzeit: 19.00
Welcome - Opening day: Angelika Fleckinger