Performance venues in Bolzano from the 18th century until today

Organizer: Fondazione Teatro Comunale e Auditorium Bolzano
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Exhibition about the performance venues in Bolzano. Free entry

From the 18th century to the present day, spectators in Bolzano have frequented a remarkably diverse range of places dedicated to the performing arts. They have watched plays in real theatres but also, and more often, taken their seats in venues scattered all over the city, hired for the occasion or in emergencies, some comfortable, others not comfortable at all and poorly equipped. This "commuting" around the city has animated a theatrical circuit of astonishing vitality, whose history reflects Bolzano's own historical transformations. Today the provisional has given way to stability, to the benefit of a passionate public that has always recognized the fundamental social, civic and cultural functions of theatre.
This exhibition also walks you through lesser known places; you will also find some curious facts as well.

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