Karla Hiraldo Voleau - Another Love Story

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Opening: 11.05.2023, 7 p.m. Exhibition: 12.05 - 17.06.2023 With a text by Maximilian Pellizzari

To see, to stage, to shoot, to stare. 13 months into her rekindled relationship, Karla finds out that her partner has a secret liaison. She contacts the other woman. Their conversation brings to light what had been kept in the dark. Karla sees through him. Karla retakes all the photographs she had shot with her partner. She rephotographs them all with the help of an actor. She does so in the same places she had been, dresses the actor the same, reenacts the same poses. She does so with the same phone, camera and other gear she had used. She rewrites what has suddenly disappeared. Karla feels the urge to share her story, to make it readable, relatable, someone else’s, everyone’s, no longer hers. She keeps the original shots in which the man’s face is not visible. She builds a story in 13 chapters about love and lies, intimacy and pretense. She shoots her own agency. Karla travels with her exhibition around the world. She invites us to face photographic stereotypes, to put the phone and the camera on a par, to no longer set fiction and reality apart. Invisible is the plot of our actions, visible the projection of our activity. While we stare at her looking, she stares right back at us.