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Eurotel (ZeLIG - 2007, 38min; it.+dt. OVmU) a documentary by Emanuele Vernillo

Eurotel (ZeLIG - 2007, 38min; it.+dt. OVmU)
a documentary by Giuseppe Tedeschi & Emanuele Vernillo

* in Kooperation mit ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media


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21:00 UHR Beginn FILME: Eurotel - FREIWILLIGE SPENDE |
ORE 21:00: Inizio FILM: Eurotel - OFFERTA LIBERA
Regia Giuseppe Tedeschi
Montaggio Emanuele Vernillo
Fotografia Daniel Mazza
Suono Giuseppe Tedeschi, Emanuele Vernillo
Produzione ©2007 ZeLIG Scuola di documentario

In collaboration with Autonome Provinz Bozen – Südtirol, Amt für audiovisuelle Medien, Comune di Merano, Assessorato alla cultura

Italian, German, English, Russian. Subtitles: Italian, German, English, colore 38’ stereo

Once a four-star hotel. Today, an apartment complex. People from all over the world recount their lives and reflect on the meaning of "home" and "co-existence". A choral documentary on the history of a building, a sign of the times.

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