Exhibition: CHROMATIC ACCORDS - Pictorial extracts from Mahler's symphonies

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FARBAKKORDE - painterly extracts from Mahler's symphonies Siegfried Antonello Schwendtner 25.05. - 17.09.2022 Guided tours with the artist Siegfried Antonello Schwendtner: 12.07., 14.07. and 08.09.2022 - both 16.00 hrs. Registration: 0474 976151 | info@kulturzentrum-toblach.eu Attempts to fathom Mahler's sound world with the means of painting "My first contact with Mahler's music was 45 years ago and since then these sounds have accompanied me, giving me a deep journey into the psyche. Seven years ago - after a performance of the 6th Symphony - the desire was awakened in me to explore these marvels more deeply and I began to paint a large-scale picture for each movement of the last three orchestral symphonies. In the working process, I searched for ways to depict both rhythmic and melodic moods in the works. After listening to the sounds many times, a broader view of the work gradually emerged - and the music became vividly comprehensible for the viewer. Mahler spent his last summers in Toblach/South Tyrol. What could be more natural than to make these colour chords accessible to the public in this place?" Siegfried Antonello Schwendtner Innsbruck, March 2022 Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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