Da lontano era un'isola (From afar it was an island).

Organizer: Kunst Meran
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Katinka Bock, Giulia Cenci, Philipp Messner

With "Da lontano era un isola" (From afar it was an island) KUNST MERAN MERANO ARTE unites three solo presentations each on a different floor of the museum. The title is borrowed from a book by Bruno Munari, in which the artist and designer describes hidden worlds that can be found in the structures of stones when closely observed.

To experiment with their work material and to invite the public to question their own perception again and again can be seen as common to the three invited artists. Equally, all works result from close dialogue with the exhibition space.

Katinka Bock (*1976 in Frankfurt am Main, lives in Paris) makes literal connections between the inside and the outside, lets sunlight and weather penetrate the exhibition space and so provokes thought on natural processes. Giulia Cenci (*1988 Cortona, lives in Amsterdam) creates in her atmospheric installation the vision of a dystopian world, inhabited by unknown beings. Philipp Messner (*1975 in Bozen, lives in München) lets marble become painting, draws with powdered iron and places a fine vertical line of marble through the museum’s atrium. 

In their respective approaches to materials and room structures Katinka Bock, Giulia Cenci and Philipp Messner allow the discovery of a new island on each floor.

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Artist: Katinka Bock, Giulia Cenci, Philipp Messner
Curator: Christiane Rekade


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Mit Vernissage
Startdatum: 15.03
Uhrzeit: 19.00

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