City of the New World

Organizer: Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum (TPZ) Brixen - Theater im Regenbogen
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Children's Theatre from Ukraine

"City! Listen! People! Listen! Everyone! Listen!
Remember rules! We are the people of this world! Our city is one in the
world!" – with these words begins the play "City of the New
World". The post-apocalyptic world in which almost the entire adult
population of the planet passed away. Only children have survived.

Young character Mark says goodbye to his childhood and
becomes a fully-fledged citizen of the City of the new world. This is where our
story begins. Laws prohibiting the use of certain words are becoming stricter,
and the world is becoming dimmer. And Mark’s only remaining support is his
sister. Trying to figure out what is wrong with this city, Mark is becoming
more and more entangled in the dangerous web that hides many secrets of city

Can one person, one
child, change the whole city?

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Actors: Kindertheater KALAMBUR - UKRAINE
Author: Eigenproduktion
Director: Svetlana Gonachrova


Children's play

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