Art on 2222 - You‘ll never walk alone

Organizer: Baita Rodella 2222
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The moving people from the artist Elisabeth Frei

The moving people

The concept of Elisabeth Frei’s pictures is to register in one moment the
timeless. It’s the moment of walking, the move on, the leave and the pass,
which extends into the memory as afterimage. It’s a moment which everyone
knows; the one who’s going and the viewer.
This are the moments, which Elisabeth Frei holds on. It’s the timeless of the
situations, which affects us. Elisabeth Frei’s pictures can provoke quite different
emotions at the viewer and so they have also a communicative aspect.
This access to our internal imaginary is given by a precise reproduction of the
occurrence, her creative power and not least her lightly painting technique.

In Elisabeth Frei’s works people get involved with the time and the nature. The artist lives and works in Lajen, South Tyrol.

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Artist: Elisabeth Frei