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Gadersound Open Air Festival

Organizzatore: Adüm
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Gadersound Open Air Festival is a raggae/ska/folk festival taking place on the 19/20 July 2019 in Pederoa

Since 16 years the youth group from La Val is organizing the
Gadersound Open Air Festival believing that "together" is the solution
to everything. On warm summer evenings young salesmen, doctors,
craftsmen and students meet up to tackle the festival-preparations
together. Then, on the third weekend of July the small village La Val
fills up with hundreds of folks, to enjoy nature, music and life -

Check out our facebook page:

or instagram:

to get some impressions about the festival.

We look forward to see you there!

Official Aftermovie 2018:

Gadersound The Movie:

Official Aftermovie 2017:

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