Winery Falkenstein

   Naturns / Naturno • Via Castello, 19 19

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About Winery Falkenstein

Falkenstein Winery in Naturns, Venosta Valley

Timeless passion and tradition

Every story has a hero.

A hero who does not normally wear a superhero costume and rarely possesses superpowers. Sometimes is a simple fruit grower who dreams of doing something more.

Someone who has the courage to pursue dreams and has found their vocation.

A hero with courage that has borne fruit. This is exactly where our story begins.

Welcome to our Falkenstein winery in Naturns, Venosta Valley.

90,000 bottles full of fine wines; 14 hectares of vineyards on south-facing terraces at an altitude between 600 and 900 m above sea level; total uncompromising love for the magical world of wine.

Events at Winery Falkenstein

  • Eat & drink
Guided visit to the winery Falkenstein
  • Naturns / Naturno, 06/06/2024 // 15:30 - 17:00