Castel Colonna - Schloss Prösels

   Völs am Schlern / Fiè allo Sciliar •


About Castel Colonna - Schloss Prösels

This magnificent structure was finished in 1517 in the vicinity of the village of Fiè. Leonhard di Fiè, Governor of South-Tyrol and Count of Tyrol lived here until his death in 1530.

In the following centuries the castle only underwent a few structural renovations. Until 1804 it remained property of the Völs-Colonna family - Felix von Völs died without children thus making him the last of his dynasty. After various movements of goods that carried on until 1978 the "Kuratorium Schloss Prösels srl" was founded in 1981 and was made up by a group of people interested in the conservation of the castle. The castle was largely renovated and is now a centre for cultural events of all sorts.

Events at Castel Colonna - Schloss Prösels

  • Eat & drink
Winter culture of pleasure at Prösels Castle
  • Völs am Schlern / Fiè allo Sciliar, 29/12/2022 // 15:00 - 17:00
  • Eat & drink
Prösels Castle during winter: Winter tour with warm mulled apple mix
  • Völs am Schlern / Fiè allo Sciliar, 12/01/2023 // 15:00 - 16:30