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About Bruggerhof


The Bruggerhof is located in the middle of orchards and vineyards. Due to its hilly location, you have a wonderful view of Merano, the surrounding mountains and the entire Adige Valley. The Gamper family has been running the Bruggerhof for over 100 years. After a long-standing passion for the production of liqueurs, they have started selling them on the farm since 2020. In the former cattle barn, which was converted into a tasting room, you can taste and enjoy the fruity and aromatic liqueurs (appointment by telephone).

Bruggerhof - Street Bruggerweg 5 - Marling/Marlengo
limited parking areas next to the Bruggerhof

Events at Bruggerhof

  • Eat & drink
Fruchtige und aromatische Likörverkostung beim Bruggerhof
  • Marling / Marlengo, 27/09/2021 // 19:00 - 20:00