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About Vinschgau Valley Museum

The Vintschger Museum presents its visitors the ecological, social and cultural side of the Vinschgau/Val Venosta.

The museum reflects the ecological, social, and cultural sides of the Vinschgau Valley (Val Venosta). The portrayal of the setting of the small farmer stands in stark contrast to the feudal world of the neighboring Churburg. The “Archaic Vinschgau” area presents the archeology of the valley, which experienced a great enrichment with the finds from Ganglegg (1997) from the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman times. Another main focus is the subject of water distribution, with an ingenious irrigation system for the arid Vinschgau. Since the Middle Ages, the Wasserwaale channels have represented the densest irrigation network in the Alps. Additional topics are elucidated, such as emigration because of poverty, the “Swabian children” seasonal workers who crossed the Alps by foot in search of work, the traveling merchants (Karrner), and local customs which continue to live on to this day. A visit to the museum is rounded out by a visit to the site of the prehistoric "Ganglegg" settlement (about a 45 minute walk from the museum) and a visit to the instructional path at the “Quairwaal” channel (close to the museum).

Events at Vinschgau Valley Museum

  • Guided tour
Auf den Spuren des Waalers
  • Schluderns / Sluderno, 07/07/2020 // 9:00
  • Guided tour
Schluderns erzählt - Ein Dorf voller Geschichte
  • Schluderns / Sluderno, 02/09/2020 // 20:30