St. Proculus Museum

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About St. Proculus Museum

The church of St. Proculus is one of the churches with the oldest frescoes in the German language area.

Next to the church of St. Proculus, which is significant in terms of art history, a museum was opened in May 2006 that presents the history surrounding the church. In the underground itinerary, 1,500 years of the human history of this area are brought to life in four space-time stations: Late Antiquity, the Early Middle Ages, the Gothic Period, and the Time of the Plague in the early 17th cen., the horrors of the latter being evidenced by the graves in the Epidemic Cemetery. The stations refer to the church’s four most important stages of development. Scale models of the church clearly show the individual phases of construction. And the frescoes themselves are discussed. According to different datings, they originate from the 8th, 9th, or 11th cen. They were exposed in the 1920s and are among the oldest in the German-speaking world. The itinerary continues visitors into the thematic areas of the Modern Era, Anthropology, and art history, including reference to the Medieval frescoes.