Prösels Castle

   Völs am Schlern / Fiè allo Sciliar • Prösler Str. 2

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About Prösels Castle

Castle Prösels near Völs am Schlern offers guided tours and cultural events.

Prösels Castle proudly stands facing the imposing massif of the Schlern, across from the village Völs am Schlern (Fiè allo Scilar). First mentioned in the 13th cen., the fortress was the residence of the lords of Völs-Colonna, and around 1517 it was rebuilt by them into a prestigious castle complex with the most modern defense technology of the period. Since 1981 it has been owned by the 'Kuratorium Schloß Prösels GmbH' (Prösels Castle Curatorship Ltd.), which took care of the necessary restoration work and gave the castle new life. In addition to the tours, numerous cultural events are held here during the summer months. Among the highlights are the arms collection with material from the 19th cen., including from the battlefields of Solferino and Custoza, and the Batzenhäusl Collection, with paintings and drawings from the 19th and 20th cen., when the Batzenhäusl inn in Bolzano (Bozen) was a favorite meeting place for artists and intellectuals.