Passeier Museum - Andreas Hofer

   St. Leonhard in Passeier / San Leonardo in Passiria • Passeirer Str. 72

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About Passeier Museum - Andreas Hofer

The MuseumPasseier is located at the Sandhof, the home of the host and horse dealer, who became a hero.

The MuseumPasseier is located at the Sandhof, the farmhouse home of Andreas Hofer (1767-1810). The main focus is Andreas Hofer and the Tyrolean battle for freedom in 1809. In observance of the two hundredth anniversary, it wasl be expanded with the permanent exhibition entitled “Heroes and Hofer”. It depicts the events of two centuries ago from a European viewpoint and delves into the question of how heroes are to be honored. The barn houses a comprehensive collection of Passeier Valley folklore. A listening room offers individual access to music, legends, folk tales, and the literature of the valley. The open-air area with numerous buildings from the 16th to 19th cen., a typical Passeir Valley Haufenhof (multistructure farm complex), the Sacred Heart Chapel (1899), and the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher (1691) round out the visit to the museum. The other branches of the museum are the French Cemetery, the Jaufenburg fortress, and the Apline Meadow Museum in Pfistrad. Since 2003, the Jaufenburg stronghold has been accessible to visitors. In its five stories, the history of the fortress and its inhabitants is told from its construction to the present. One particular highlight is the Renaissance frescoes from 1538 by the famed painter Bartlme Dill Riemenschneider.