Novacella Abbey

   Vahrn / Varna • Stiftstr. 1

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About Novacella Abbey

At present, the Novacella Abbey located in the valley of the Isarco river near Brixen is mainly known as a training and vocational centre for adults. The vineyards of the abbey produce excellent white wines.

The abbey was built in 1142 by the will of bishop Hartmann from Brixen. This institution was responsible, among other things, for liturgical celebrations and care taking of the souls of the parish. The school in the abbey, the hospice and the place of pilgrimage soon converted theNovacella Abbey into a point of reference in the European spiritual scenario.
Today, the Augustinian friars in Novacella provide aid to twenty communities belonging to the parishes in southern and eastern Tyrol. The cellar in the convent can boast a 850-year-long experience. In present days, it is especially renowned for some white wines that are typical of the Valle Isarco region such as Sylvaner, Müller Thurgau, Kerner, aromatic Traminer and Veltliner.