Museum of People through Time

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About Museum of People through Time

Over 5,000 archaeological finds and items of folklore are displayd in the Museum "Zeitreise Mensch - Museum of People through Time".

This museum, which has been open since 1976 and newly arranged, presents the life of people in different eras. Over 5,000 archeological finds and items of folklore bear witness in a fascinating way to human development from Stone Age hunter-gatherers to the modern consumer society. The way of life that has been shaped over millennia of people being self-sufficient is in the foreground and turn the visit into an experience through experimental presentations, multimedia animations, and an educationally oriented tour. The processing of textiles is documented particularly vividly: flax, hemp, wool, silk and their processing are captivating through their enthralling history from antiquity to the Modern Era.

Events at Museum of People through Time

  • Guided tour
Führungen für Schulklassen und Uni
  • Kurtatsch / Cortaccia, 27/05/2020 // 8:00 - 12:00