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   Franzensfeste / Fortezza • Via Brennero

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About Museum Franzensfeste Fortress

The fortress in Fortezza in Eisacktal is used now as a museum and sometimes venue for major cultural events.

With its gigantic appearance and labyrinth of rooms, corridors and stairways, the fortress of Franzensfeste/Fortezza belongs to the most interesting fortresses in the Alpine region. This masterpiece of Austrian fortress architecture was built from 1833 to 1838 and has a varied history. 2008 it was opened to the public and since than it hosts international and local exhibitions of art, architecture and other events. The permanent exhibition "Kathedrale in der Wüste/Cattedrale nel deserto" (englisch: Cathedral in the desert) shows the building history oft he fortress and its effects on the surrounding area.
The areal of the fortress includes also the bunker no. 3: It is located in the wood, east of the fortress, hidden under a thick vegetation and can be visited on request.

Events at Museum Franzensfeste Fortress

  • Exhibitions
  • Franzensfeste / Fortezza, 29/05/2022 // 10:00 - 18:00
  • Exhibitions
perspectives * ART spaces
  • Franzensfeste / Fortezza, 29/05/2022 // 10:00 - 18:00