Mercantile Museum

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About Mercantile Museum

The trade as an engine of Bolzano history, summarized in a museum.

In the former Mercantile Building (Trade Court) with its opulent Hall of Justice, the tradition of fairs and markets in the international trading city of Bolzano (Bozen) is brought to light. In addition to the architecture of the building itself, noteworthy exhibits include furnishings by the cabinetmaker Anton Katzler (1700-1730), paintings in the famous stateroom by Tyrolean Baroque artists, the documents with the regulations for the markets in Bozen, and the catalog of fabric samples.

Events at Mercantile Museum

  • Exhibitions
Die Tiroler Medici
  • Bozen / Bolzano, 14/08/2020 // 10:00 - 12:30