La Follia Nuova Association

   Bozen / Bolzano • P.E. di Savoia street 10


About La Follia Nuova Association

The musical association La Follia Nuova was founded in 2018 by the two young musicians of Duo Granato, saxophonist Cristian Battaglioli and pianist Marco Rinaudo. La Follia Nuova is involved in the organisation and the promotion of a wide variety of musical events.

The name La Follia Nuova is a tribute to the title of the second movement of the Sonata for saxophone and piano by William Albright, which always deeply inspired the members of Duo Granato. According to them, this piece expresses musically the conceptuality of the ideas of the newly-created association. The purpose of La Follia Nuova is to create concerts over many seasons, inviting professional musicians and young talented artists from Italy and abroad to South Tyrol.

Artistic interdisciplinarity is one of the most important characteristics of La Follia Nuova. The association aims at providing a vivid and inspiring atmosphere for a musical event, which involves not only the concert itself but also the conviviality between the musicians and the audience through the interchange of the ideas and cultural habits. Moreover, it is important to keep reminding music lovers and especially the youth that classical music is still very much alive and culturally relevant in our society. La Follia Nuova wants to show that classical music can satisfy ones need for culture and enrich them emotionally, all while eliminating the border between the artists and the audience. To make sure the audience feels a deeper connection to the performers, the association believes that it is essential to add some historical background and cultural concepts to every concert and explain the music performed.

Broadly speaking, one can say that not only music, but art in general is losing its essence of spiritual depth and thus is subordinated to the superficiality and the emptiness of the daily routine, therefore step by step La Follia Nuova aims to make a difference.