Castel Salorno - Haderburg

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About Castel Salorno - Haderburg

Castel Salorno, stands out on a vertiginous cliff above Salorno

Standing on a cliff, Castel Salorno looks out onto the village that bears its same name. The early medieval times castle could go back as long as year one thousand, in fact, it appeared for the first time in documents in year 1053. Initially, the castle was only made up of one building, a wall and a fortified tower. The fortified tower was made out of porphyry and had to be transported to its chosen position. Under the ruling of emperor Massimiliano I during the 14th century the first expansion works took place but unfortunately Castel Salorno soon lost its importance for strategic defence and was deserted and slowly deteriorated. Only in the last years has the castle found its antique glory and been open to the public. A panoramic route with steep steps and many breathtaking outlook points guides you to the top. Each year cultural displays take place in Castel Salorno.

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