Cantina Bolzano

   Bozen / Bolzano • Via San Maurizio 36

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About Cantina Bolzano

The Cantina Bolzano was established in 1908 when the Gries wine growers decided to form a wine-making cooperative. Since then it has enjoyed a long history of success.

The Lagrein, a local wine variety of Alto Adige, deserved to be kept in a cellar and marketed. This conviction led to a successful decision. Business boomed, particularly after World War Two when the Gries cellar established itself on the market with its Lagrein rosé. This wasn’t the case in the 1970s and 1980s, as they proved to be difficult decades. It was then that the cantina decided to change its production strategy, favouring quality over quantity. Sales, and in particular of the main Lagrein wine, increased considerably and consistently, and won the cantina numerous awards year after year.
In 2001 the Gries and Santa Maddalena cellars merged. The "new" cantina is now called Cantina Bolzano. The St. Maddalena wine shop, an additional outlet of the Cantina Bolzano, is located on the east side of Bolzano, in via Brennero, below the vine-covered hills of the Santa Maddalena.
The wine shop/winery of the Cantina Bolzano is the ideal place to appreciate the wine “in situ” and to sample the different varieties of both the Gries and the Santa Maddalena wineries

Events at Cantina Bolzano

  • Guided tour
"From the vine to the glass ..." - Winery tour including wine tasting
  • Bozen / Bolzano, 19/04/2024 // 15:00 - 17:30