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UNESCO World Heritage - experience: Alpenglow and sunset

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An unforgettable hiking experience Goal and highlight of our tour is the experience of the sunset on the Zendleser Kofel and the full moon during its descent over the mountain pastures. The start is at 5.30 p.m. (september 16.00 p.m.) on the Zans, passing Kaserill-Alm and on the Zendleser Kofel. The setting sun bathes the mountains in a the mysterious afterglow of the Dolomites (“Enrosadira” in Ladin language). Descent still during daylight to the mountain hut Schlüterhütte (refreshments). In full moonlight tour to the mountain hut Gampenalm (more refreshments) and back to the Zans. (Please bring head- or flashlight and hiking sticks and mountain equipment).

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