Symbol, Power, Movement. Tyrol in historical maps

Organizer: South Tyrolean Museum of Culture and Provincial History - Castle Tyrol
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Exhibiton at the South Tyrolean Museum of culture and provincial history Castle Tyrol on Tyrolean cartography

In recent decades, old maps have become an indispensable basis for research. They are not neutral information carriers, but document the political and economic conditions of a certain time. Their importance as a propaganda medium should not be underestimated. They were used to plan and conduct wars, visualise borders and territories, settle border disputes and administer countries. In addition, many maps also show mining areas, agricultural and forestry land, industrial areas, the road and railway network as well as hiking trails and ski routes, among other things. In the context of the general development of cartography from antiquity to the 20th century, this exhibition uses the example of Tyrol to illustrate the connection between cartography, politics and economy in more than 50 maps and map extracts, most of which come from Tyrolean archives and libraries.

Main topics: Beginnings of cartography (16th/17th century); Tyrol in the image of German, Dutch and French cartographers; natural disasters - river regulations; beginning of surveys; Peter Anich and his time; national surveys; traffic; tourism; mining and agriculture; war and propaganda.

Curator: Petra Svatek, Academy of Sciences, Vienna

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