Studied in Innsbruck. South Tyrolean students remember

Organizer: Museum Franzensfeste Fortress
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Homage to the University of Innsbruck on the occasion of its 350th anniversary

The exhibition gathers memories of former and current students of the time they spent studying in Innsbruck, highlighting the formative events of a history that connects South Tyrol to the University of Innsbruck. Take a journey through time with personal stories, objects and thoughts that may remind you of long-forgotten events and perhaps even elicit a smile.

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Curator: Esther Erlacher, Alma Vallazza, Antoinette Bader, Beat Gugger, Angelika König, Cornelia Hasler, Christian Terzer


Introduction - Vernissage: Esther Erlacher
Mit Vernissage
Musical Framing - Opening day: Manuela Kerer
Startdatum: 28.09.2019
Uhrzeit: 11 Uhr
Welcome - Opening day: Arno Kompatscher, Angelika Fleckinger, Bernhard Fügenschuh