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Seiser Alm Balance: Strengthening workout at the Laghetto di Fiè lake

Organizer: Seiser Alm Marketing
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Gentle running training for the stability and balance

When the days get shorter, the woodland takes on a golden hue and all
the countryside lies down to rest, the instinct to stock up on our
energy for the coming winter gets ever stronger. Gentle running training
at the natural swimming lake of Fiè with integrated Functional Fitness
Training to strengthen your body – Core Training – will give you all the
stability and balance you need for day-to-day life.
Fitness comprises movement patterns which train multiple joints and
muscle groups at the same time. The aim of this type of training is to
improve the body’s stability and tension and employ targeted training
techniques to develop the core muscles of the body, between the
diaphragm and hips. Core training helps to enhance athletic performance,
prevent injury and counter back pain and bad posture.

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