SculpGarden 2024

Organizer: Staudenparadies Seidnerhof
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First international sculpture exhibition in Staudenparadies with renowned artists.

·    Discover the fascinating world of sculptures at the first international sculpture exhibition in Staudenparadies! From 27 April to 28 October, 19 well-known international artists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy will be presenting their impressive works. The variety of materials, including wood, metal, stainless steel and iron, promises a unique exhibition that appeals to all the senses. Immerse yourself in a world of life-size sculptures that transform the Staudenparadies garden into an impressive sculpture park. The exhibition not only serves as a platform for artists to present their work, but also aims to highlight the cultural differences and similarities in sculpture. The focus is also on promoting the regional art scene, giving South Tyrolean artists the opportunity to present themselves on an international level. The aim is to awaken everyone's interest in art and culture and to walk through the world with more open eyes. Come and experience the fusion of nature and art at the first international sculpture exhibition in Staudenparadies. Together we will create an inspiring atmosphere that celebrates artistic creativity and strengthens the community.

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