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Round table - Europe and environment

Organizer: International Institute of European Studies "Antonio Rosmini"
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Presentation of the volume published by ESI, Napoli 2021, which collects the acts of the event that could not be held in 2020.

The guidelines on environmental protection proposed in the legal systems of European countries inspired by the principles of liberal democracy reveal some common trends. In principle, the protection of the environment is indicated as one of the fundamental values of the legal system, where the conditions are expressed to ensure the welfare and progress of people, so that legislators and public authorities are assigned specific functions of promotion, protection and guarantee. Similar considerations can also be found in recent "international declarations" (such as that of the European Union, enunciated in Nice in 2000 and then integrated in the Lisbon Treaty) or in the final documents of the International Conferences on "Environment and Development" (e.g. Stockholm 1972, Rio 1992, Johannesburg 2002 and Rio 2012, as well as in the Acts of the numerous COP Conferences on climate). Starting from these premises, the volume allows to open an interdisciplinary window on environmental issues by comparing philosophers, historians, jurists and other scholars, according to a model that the Istituto Internazionale di Studi Europei Antonio Rosmini has applied and consolidated over time. This is a dialogue that will allow a wide-ranging view of this important issue and that will raise many questions about sustainability and the rights of future generations. The protection of the environment, in fact, imposes political and social choices that are decisive for all the peoples of the planet and for those who will come after us.

INTRODUCING: Prof. Johannes Michael Rainer

PARTICIPANTS: Prof. Miguel Ayuso (Univ. Comillas, Madrid), Dr. Giulia Baj (Univ. Milano Bicocca), Prof. Luigi Bonizzi (Univ. Milano) Prof. Danilo Castellano (Univ. Udine), Prof. Giovanni Cordini (Univ. Pavia), Prof. Marcello Fracanzani (Supreme Court of Cassation, Rome), Prof.ssa Lorenza Violini (Univ. Milano).

PROGRAMMED INTERVENTIONS: Prof. Michele Sanfilippo (Florence), Prof. Franco Tamassia (Cassino)

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