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Richard O’brien’s: The rocky horror show

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Since its premiere in 1973, a few years after the Stonewall riots in New York, this musical has been considered a milestone of LGBTQIA+ pop culture

Newly engaged couple Brad Majors and Janet Weiss get stuck in the pouring rain due to a flat tyre on their way to visit their former professor. Seeking shelter from the storm, the two reach the mysterious Castle Frankenstein on foot. There lives Frank'N'Furter, a flamboyant transvestite, with a group of seductively abysmal characters, above all the charismatic house servant Riff-Raff. Against their will, Janet and Brad dive deeper and deeper into the wild, eccentric world of the castle's inhabitants. The diabolical scientist Frank'N'Furter is in the process of creating his dream man in the laboratory. When the bred Rocky is finally brought to life, he not only serves his creator for sexual entertainment, but also seduces Janet into unknown spheres of love. Soon, however, the story takes a bloody turn. Since its premiere at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 1973, a few years after the Stonewall Uprising in New York, the cult musical "The Rocky Horror Show" has been considered a milestone in LGBTQIA+ pop culture. It has been performed worldwide in over 30 countries, on every continent and translated into more than 20 languages. The popular rock'n'roll musical is bursting with timeless classics like "Sweet Transvestite", "Damn it, Janet" or "Time Warp". Dont' Dream It - Be It! - the show is a multi-faceted plea for diversity. A dazzling, offbeat comedy, a big party where the audience is invited to join in. Bad, bizarre and bloody brilliant!

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