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Ratschings Mountain Trails

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"A run through magical nature" MOUNTAIN TRAIL - 17,7 KM/950 HM Do you enjoy running and would you like to compete for once? The Ratschings Mountain Trail is a running event for everyone. With a length of 17.7 kilometres and a difference in altitude of 950 metres, the course can be mastered by all reasonably prepared athletes. You too can take part! MOUNTAIN TRAIL STAFFEL - 8 KM / 9,7 KM You’re a team player and you love to run in company? Then the team relay of this year’s Ratischngs Mountain Trail gives you the perfect opportunity. Get your running buddy and have fun preparing our two-man team relay. SKY TRAIL - 27,0 KM/1.610 HM If you are looking for a challenge, then the Ratschings Sky Trail is just right for you. The Ratschings Sky Trail is 27 kilometres long and involves not only 1610 metres of ascent and 1050 metres of descent, but also crossing the Jaufen Pass.