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Program Castel Roncolo Schloss Runkelstein 2022

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Three unmissable events at Roncolo Castle in Bolzano.

APERITIVO LUNGO WITH IRISH TRIO 29.07.2022 Evening opening of Castel Roncolo until 8 p.m. From 6 p.m. aperitivo lungo with the Irish Trio The trio combines well-known personalities from the local music scene with decades of experience in the field of Irish and Celtic folk music. The repertoire ranges from the repetition of famous ballads, to sets of jigs and frenzied reels, to more meditative pieces with a modal and archaic flavour. Instrumental virtuosity blends with soft timbres and refined playing to create fascinating soundscapes of rare beauty. And it is from the roots of the Irish musical tradition that our three draw inspiration for their musical journey, first and foremost with the use of traditional instruments, first and foremost that 'Irish bagpipe' (Uillean pipe) symbol of the musical/cultural renaissance in the mid-1950s. Pietro Berlanda: Irish flute, Whistles, Bodhrán Francesco Brazzo: Uillean Pipe, Piano, Whistles Gabriele Brazzo: Guitar Guinness...and possibility of dinner by booking at: GUIDE FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES 6.8.2022 e 21.08.2022 Guided tours are not just activities for grown-ups! In August, Roncolo Castle offers simple and engaging guided tours for children and families. An alternative way to discover all the secrets of the Middle Ages while having fun together. STORYTELLING WITH SAGAPÓ 8.10 e 17.12 Boccaccio's Decameron through the words of modern storytellers One of the novellas in the Decameron tells of the jester Martellino who, pretending to be a cripple, pretends to be cured by the blessed Arrigo. When his deception is discovered, however, he is beaten and arrested. The exhibition 'Life, Death, Miracles', open at Castel Roncolo and dedicated precisely to the figure of the blessed Arrigo da Bolzano, is therefore also an opportunity to rediscover this and other Boccaccio tales in a completely new guise suitable for young and old. For further information: 0471/329808