Peter Fellin. Meditations

Organizer: Diocesan Museum Hofburg Brixen
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An exhibition on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Peter Fellin in collaboration with Museion Bolzano.

Hofburg Brixen and Museion pay tribute to the artist Peter Fellin (b. Revò 1920, d. Merano, 1999) on the hundredth anniversary of his birth. The exhibition operates as a dialogue between a number of Fellin’s works from the Museion Collection and other works from the Hofburg Collection. The point at which the work of the artist meets religious art is its contemplation of the “final vestiges” of human life, such as death, judgement and eternity. In this sense, the paintings and installations on show have been chosen to indicate the important phases in Peter Fellin’s oeuvre: the Schreiber (Scribes), the Evangelisten (Evangelists), the Schriften (Writings) and the Meditationsbilder (Meditative Works). These works interact with medieval sculptures, devotional images, manuscripts and fragments of a fresco by Paul Troger.

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Curator: Andreas Hapkemeyer


Introduction - Vernissage: Andreas Hapkemeyer
Startdatum: 04.04.2020
Uhrzeit: 11.30
Welcome - Opening day: Josef Matzneller, Ivo Muser, Letizia Ragaglia, Peter Schwienbacher

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