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Special exhibition at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology Hunger is the best cook, 15,000 years ago as well as today. The special exhibition takes a look at the menu of our ancestors: the origin, preparation and preservation of food as well as the equipment used for this. A special focus is placed on local eating habits and regional archaeological finds. In addition to cultural-historical aspects, the multifaceted exhibition shows that our ancestors were never at a loss for an idea to satisfy their hunger and ensure that their food supplies lasted. Foods such as meat and fish, wild grains, wild fruits and honey were known from the very beginning. Other foods that we take for granted today, such as pulses, spices and cereals, were only brought to Europe by migratory movements in the course of human history. Food traditions that we are familiar with today, such as the processing of milk or the cultivation of wine, were introduced from the Mediterranean region at various times. Enjoy your meal! Let us invite you into the culinary world of food history.

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