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Open Day - on Sigmund Freud's tracks

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Guided walking with the expert Francesco Marchioro along the Freudpromenade. Each walking tour has its own theme

Guided walking tour along the Freud-Promenade with the Freud–expert Francesco Marchioro on the occasion of Sigmund Freud's birthday "I was born on May 6, 1856 in Freiberg, Moravia." Meeting point: Ritten Railway/Train stop Lichtenstern at 2.15 p.m. (train from Klobenstein or Oberbozen at 2.06 p.m.). Free participation without reservation. "I need a place where I can be alone with a forest nearby..." Letter of Freud to Jung (February 1911). And how did this link between the ideal place for Bolzano residents to go for a bit of 'Sommerfrische', or summer cool, and the genius tourist Sigmund Freud come about? In a letter dating February 1911, he reveals to Carl Gustav Jung «Next summer. I need a place where I can be alone with a forest nearby». So, before Easter, on Friday, the 14th of April, he leaves Vienna in the company of his friend and pupil Sandor Ferenczi and makes a quick tour lasting just six days to find a suitable place around Trento and Bolzano. He returns to Vienna the following Thursday and his research produces excellent results in the form of Ritten/Renon near Bolzano. Consequently, on the 9th of July, Freud sets off from Karlsbad, where he was staying to recover from a bout of 'American colitis', and joins his family at Klobenstein. This is where the Freuds celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, on 14th September - the enjoyment of their holiday thus being enhanced by love and affection. During his holiday at Ritten/Renon begun Freud to write the work? Totem and taboo

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