Neues Leben, neues Glück? Riflessioni e pensieri sulla nascita

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Hardly any other topic is as ambivalent and emotional as childbirth, carrying so many expectations and fears. A pregnancy or a newborn can be a reason for joy; and yet giving birth is not (just) a moment of happiness for every person. Giving birth to a child requires enormous strength - caring for one means giving up a certain amount of self-determination for the first few years and a great deal of responsibility, but also deep love and personal growth. At the same time, everyday life continues. This path is not the right one for everyone, and it is not open to everyone either. The exhibition at the StadtGalerie and the Pharmaziemuseum Brixen aims to create a space for conversations in which there is room for everything and no taboos, from the desire to have children to abortion, from feelings of happiness to traumatic experiences during labour - and everything in between. Helga von Hofe, Laura Pan and Sarah Solderer explore these themes with the help of painting, sculpture, video and a participatory installation. As a visitor, you are also cordially invited to share your thoughts or experiences with us and with each other. Curated by Linnea Streit