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Maditation with the Jacobson relaxation technique.

ONLY IN GERMAN AND ITALIAN! Take care of your health by slowing down and reducing stress: relaxation exercises have been shown to increase physical and mental wellbeing. One way is the Jacobson relaxation technique, known as progressive muscle relaxation. The technique is an easy and quickly learned method that helps to relieve tension brought about by stress and overexertion. Untreated, under certain circumstances these tensions can result in back, muscle and head pains, stomach and bowel problems and a range of mental stress symptoms such as sleep and anxiety disorders, depression and even burnout. The Jacobson Method helps us learn to prevent such problems and better deal with damage that has already been done. Relaxation exercises have other benefits too: the body secretes fewer stress hormones, breathing becomes more even, the blood pressure falls and the heart beats more steadily. And the psyche benefits too: physical tensions are reduced and the body regains its natural equilibrium, thus increasing mental wellbeing. Stresses and strains brought about by anxiety, worries and pain diminish.

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