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Matinée with "Cordes y Butons"

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Matinée with "Cordes y Butons" Life is a dance. Sometimes wild and stormy, sometimes rocking and tender: each moment has its own rhythm. Reinhilde and Tamara Gamper, together with David Moroder as Cordes y Butons, have transformed the fire of joie de vivre into music with their second album, VIVANDA. The word Vivanda comes from Ladin and means "life". Just as life encompasses everything, the 12 tracks of the album make room for the full spectrum of the human inner world. Captivating original compositions and fragile arrangements follow one another, showing that the essence of life is neither just one thing nor the other. The multifaceted style of VIVANDA lets the three different characters of the trio shine through: ethereal and crystal clear are the sounds that make the music glow. Rooted and honest are the tones that do not deny their Alpine heritage. Temperamental and passionate are the rhythms that hint at immense joy in playing. In sensitive arrangements, Cordes y Butons have artfully intertwined and interwoven these elements. The languages sung on VIVANDA are Ladin and South Tyrolean, two languages that give the music an additional, mysterious timbre and allow the clear voices of Tamara and Reinhilde Gamper to shine above the sound carpet of their instruments. Cordes y Butons cannot be pigeonholed into any musical category. They have found their own unique style that takes the listener on a journey between home and wanderlust. Carried by soothing vocals and delicate instrumentation as much as by joy in playing and passion, VIVANDA is primarily one thing: a declaration of love to life.

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