Magdalener on the Rocks

Organizer: Feltuner Hütte
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Delicious St.Magdalener wines #bottledhappiness offered with typical foods presented by Feltuner Hütte with live music from the band Spremuta

Magdalener on the Rocks - The Finemusicwineandchillspectacle

It is not easy to describe what the Next.Gen.Magdalener organized together with the team of the Feltuner Hütte:

Place and view are so amazing that not even Banksy and Picasso together would be able to draw... THE DOLOMITE ROCKS

The wine makes the world a better place for 12,5 turns every glass... ST.MAGDALENER The smell from the kitchen makes people jump out of the lift just to be first on the new sun


You can come by bike, by foot or simply by the lift to enjoy the highest Southtyrolean Finemusicwineandchillspectacle or maybe of the whole Italian country - thinking twice probably of the whole universe. No fakes! Rock music!

The St.Magdalener producers pour into your and into their own glasses! They explain their wines or they let you explain it to them! They give recommendations for the menu or they are sitting on the table already!

You are sommelier and you are looking for an event where you can taste all the wines of an entire region?
Rigt here!

You are a biker who deserves fresh energy after lots of kilometers? Welcome!

You are a mam or a dad?
The TONI family and adventure trail on the top of the Rittner Horn leads exactly to the Feltuner Hütte!

Or is that your mood: Just let me in peace and let me enjoy a day off with music and a good glass of wine!
No better place than here at the Feltuner Hütte with us!

Saturday 6th of August the sun is rising over the Rittner Horn and we Magdalener wine-freaks are waiting exactly for you at the Feltuner Hütte! The team of the Feltuner Hütte serves the right kind of food and the event is surrounded with good music! From 11 AM until the last lift cabin downwards you aren’t going to miss anything!

If the sun can’t be with us this day (what we don’t think because we personally invited the sun and our offer is really good) and the weather forecast is really bad, we have to stay down in the valley and wait for next year.

Don’t miss this!
The Next.Gen.Magdaleners


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