Life, death, miracles - Henry of Bolzano

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The history of Gries as a tourist resort began in the second half of the 19th century: luxurious hotels, spas and private villas were built nestled in the vineyards to host eager visitors. Today many of these structures have been converted to other uses or demolished to make room for apartments. Through a rich collection of postcards, this exhibition traces the history of the Gries spa resort from the splendour of the belle époque On 10 June 1315, as if by a miracle, all the bells of the city of Treviso spontaneously tolled in proclamation of the death of Henry of Bolzano. Crowds thronged the streets headed for the cathedral where, for days, the faithful kept vigil over the body of the man who for so many years had lived among them as a simple pious labourer. Soon, pilgrims came from far and wide to pray at his tomb. And sure enough, the first miraculous events began to occur and so it was decided that a chapel should be consecrated in Henry’s honour. The life, virtues and wonders of this humble worker was documented, and a delegation was sent to the pope in Avignon to ask for Henry’s canonization.to its transformation into an urban neighbourhood.

1750 wurde Heinrich von Bozen durch Papst Benedikt XIV. seliggesprochen. 1759 bekam Bozen mit Approbation des Domkapitels von Treviso und des Senats von Venedig Reliquien des Seligen zugesprochen. Von der Loretokapelle weg, die damals an der Eisackbrücke stand, wurden die Reliquien in feierlicher Prozession und unter Teilnahme der Bozner Stände zur Pfarrkirche gebracht. Hier beginnt die Geschichte Heinrichs von Bozen als Patron seiner Geburtsstadt.

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