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LanaLive - Tales of the Future (Opening)

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LanaLive gets underway with the opening of the exhibition "Tales of the Future" on Thursday, 25 May 2023 from 7.00 pm. Curated by Sofia Margesin and Angela Zittel, the exhibition at the Rudolf Margesin fruit magazine in Niederlana builds a bridge between Berlin and South Tyrol and brings experimental installations and artworks to Lana that explore the forms of the continuous progress of technology and its impact on our coexistence. Through installations, AI-generated art, video and photography, the exciting relationship between man and machine is presented in an old fruit magazine. The exhibiting artists are Ugne Agrypnia, Anastasya Cherepanova, Damian Pfattner, Nikita Nikitin, Marlon Nicolaisen, Johannes Lex, Simon Perathoner, Leevke Succow and Johannes Thiel. The exhibition is open daily until Sunday, 28.05.2023 from 16.00 to 20.00. The opening speech will be given by Jörg Zemmler.