Ihe best friend in the world

Organizer: Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum (TPZ) Brixen - Theater im Regenbogen
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children's theatre

The best friend in the world is one who never leaves
you, who feels exactly what you want and who understands what you are going
through in every moment of your life. Who laughs with you when you're happy and
feels your sorrow when you're sad. They know when to cheer you up, when you
just need a cuddle or a little help. Indeed, it’s someone who is always there
for you! Do such friends exist? Sure, these are our invisible friends!

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Actors: Theaterwerkstatt KNALLROT - TPZ Brixen
Author: Eigenproduktion
Director: Nathaly Ebner, Heidi Troi


Children's play

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