Organizer: LUMEN - Museum of Mountain Photography
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Photographer, Alpinist and Adventurer

Heinz Zak, a mountain photographer from Tyrol, plays a key role in chronicling the history of free climbing. He documented some of this sport’s most important milestones and captured some of the world’s best free climbers in action.

With his camera, he followed rock climbers, whitewater kayakers, and mountain bikers on their extraordinary journeys. He endured extremely long treks to reach wild, secluded places and exposed peaks, braved icy nights in bivouacs to be able to photograph spectacular sunrises and sunsets or magical moonlit moments. He captures the most unusual landscape impressions, sometimes shooting in extreme conditions. In addition to working as a photographer, Heinz Zak regularly teaches photography classes, and, as a mountaineering guide, offers outdoor-adventure seminars and climbing camps. His lectures thrill thousands of people every year.

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